A “Real” Advice

No one has to say it again that personality speaks louder than appearance. But you may be thinking, “isn’t your personality shown through your appearance?” That ideology is true and false. It is true at times but it’s not always accurate, a person’s appearance may be misleading. That’s just by the way…
What i want to stress on is the importance of placing your personality. Improving your personality is way better than any intricate plastic surgery. Ever noticed a girl who aint all that but has a trail of men following her? Yh, thats the magic of a dope personality. I’m heading into a university where fashion is a dominant factor among the ladies and after ending the initial nervousness phase, i decided that I’m not going to worry about what to wear to make a statement but im going to do that with my personality. So what Im saying is that, yes you can wear the fancy clothes, apply makeup , have cool accessories and do all it is that you do to make yourself attractive but make sure you have the awesome personality to close the deal.


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