10 Funny Moments from F.R.I.E.N.D.S


WE saw it, we loved it, and we miss them.There is definitely no argument that F.R.I.E.N.D.S was one of the best and hilarious TV series out there. Personally, It IS the best so far and um…what’s the right word?…yeah, AWESOME. So I gathered up ten of my rib-cracking moments for y’all loyal fans out there. Enjoy!

1. Joey’s Tailor

Chandler:  Your tailor is a VERY bad man.
Ross: Hey, what’s going on?
Chandler: Joey’s tailor…took advantage of me.
Joey: No way, I’ve been going to the guy for 12 years.
Chandler: Oh Come on! He said he was going to my Inseam and he ran his hand up and my leg and there was definite…cupping.
Joey: (laughs) That’s how they pants. First they go up on one side…
Ross and chandler: (Stares)
Joey: what? Ross, would you tell him, isn’t that how a tailor measure’s pants
Ross: Yes, yes…IN PRISON!
joey's tailor


2. The Apartment Bet

Ross: What’s Chandler Bing’s Job?
Monica: uh…it has something to do with trans-ponding.
Rachel: oh oh oh, He’s a trans…transponster!

3. Ross Walks In On Rachel and Joey Kissing
Ross: I’m fine, really, I don’t know why It’s coming out all loud and squeaky but I’m fine!TOAJoeyRachelKiss

4. Ross Defending Fast Eating Habit
Ross: C’mon, I grew up with Monica. If you didn’t eat fast, you didn’t eat at all.

5. Chandler Complains About Joey’s Feminine Acts
Chandler: Your raging Flower! You got dead flowers, You got a picture of a baby dressed like flowers. This is not Joey!
Joey: Hey, I’m still Joey, okay. Flowers are just nice to look at and that happens to be a picture by a famous artist of a famous baby.
Joey: No I’m not…Why would you say that? That’s just mean.
Chandler: (sarcastic) Now I’ve upset you? What did i say?
Joey: It’s not what you said, It’s the way you said it…OH MY GOD! I’M A WOMAN!

6. Rachel Breast feeds Emma For The First Time
Joey: Dear Lord (turns away)
Rachel: Oh look, She’s pulling away again. You think my nipples are to big for her mouth? She looks scared…(to joey) Doesn’t she look scared?
Joey: y-you know, I don’t really know her.
Nurse: Why don’t we try massaging the breast to stimulate the flow.
Joey: (looks up) are you kidding me?
Rachel: This is so frustrating, Why doesn’t she want my breast?
Joey: I DON’T KNOW, MAYBE SHE’S CRAZY(storms out)

7. Male Nanny

Ross: Rachel and I hired a male nanny.
Joey: Really? Guys do that? That’s weird…
Ross: Thanks you.
Joey: It’s like a woman wanting to be a…
Ross: yea, what’s the end of that sentence?
Monica: YES, WHAT is the end of that sentence?
Joey:…uh..a penis model.
images (1)

8.Joey’s “French”

Phoebe: Je m’appelle Claude
Joey: Je te cout Plough
Phoebe: let’s try it again. Je m’appelle Claude
Joey: Je te plee bloo.
Phoebe: oh Mon Dieu!
Joey: Oh Je fleuph!

9. Rachel’s Cooking and their excuses to get rid of it.
Chandler: It’s so good that I’m going to enjoy it on the balcony so that i can enjoy the view whilst i enjoy my dessert.
Judy Geller: I’m going to call my friend, Mary and tell her how good this trifle is from Monica’s room.
Jack Geller: I’ll help you dial.
Monica: I’m going to the bathroom so that I can look at it in the mirror as I eat it.

10. Where Are All The Men
Joey: Hey Chandler, Come on in, We’re knitting pot holders.
Chandler: No thanks, Josephine.
(Chandler walks in on Ross putting on make-up)
Chandler: OH MY GOD, WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN! download (1)

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