Hip Cebu Talents-3“So, What at all can you do?” – That was the question my brother asked me some years ago on one of our many sibling wars. I stood still for a second with my mouth opened ready to retort but the problem was I couldn’t think of anything…

Okay, so my brother won that fight but at least I was thankful for that question. It got me thinking deep about myself. For some of you reading this, you may have gone through this period once, if not then you’re probably one of the lucky ones who knew what your special abilities were right from birth. Maybe you’re in this situation right now.

You’re probably screaming in your head, “God was so unfair in the talent-sharing process“. Well, that isn’t true. We all can do something special. It may be different or even slightly awkward but that’s what makes you “you”. A bad Mindset keep you locked down in your insecurities. Back in my Senior High school days (God, I love saying that), I asked a friend about her talent and she answered “the special ability to observe and admire other people’s talents”. The next year, she was designing programs and working on robots, winning awards and making the school proud.

Yeah. she found her forte and you can too. I challenge you to sit down and write down all the things you’re good at. Have fun with it. Include the silly, freakishly amazing and down-right awesome things about yourself. Like how I did…now i know I’m not much of a dancer but No.4 on my list says, “being able to identify awesome dance moves when i see ’em (yup, that’s a talent too).


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